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The choice of premier, championship caliber basketball officials worldwide. EZ-Care Ultra-Mesh fabric gives you the shape, coolness and professional fit and taper in one garment. Signature stripes approved for NFHS contests in vibrant black and optic white pattern. Fortified with Cliff Keen MXS fabric technology which wicks moisture away from the body to provide you with a performance edge

Cliff Keen MXS Ultra-Mesh Basketball Officials Top

SKU: 364115376135191
Color: black/white

  • Meas        AS           AM          AL         AXL        A2XL    A3XL    A4XL
    Chest    34-36    38-40    42-44     46-48     50-52    54-56    58-60
    Also available as Tall (addition 4" of body length)

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